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Page 81 Unit review:

Exercise 1

1 inherited 2 profits 3 income 4 loss 5 withdraw 6 bank account 7 debts 8 raise 9 pay back 10 owed 11 fee/fees 12 donated

Exercise 2

1 hopeless 2 careful 3 forgetful 4 motionless 5 helpless 6 stressful 7 endless 8 peaceful 9 pointless 10 grateful

Exercise 3

1 won’t exist 2 weren’t 3 decided 4 ’re/are 5 ’ll/will find 6 would my father do 7 do 8 act

Exercise 4

1 ’d/had been 2 might have been 3 could’ve/could have continued 4 hadn’t invented 5 ’d/had known 6 would’ve/would have done 7 could’ve/could have helped 8 ’d/had asked 9 may have happened 10 had been 11 have done 12 ’d/had been

Page 84: Reading

Exercise 2

Suggested answers:

Taylor regrets that she joined in when kids who were different got bullied. She regrets that she didn’t know that the most important thing is to be true to yourself. Jasper regrets that he didn’t share his problems with other people and wasted time feeling worried about lots of things. Xavier regrets that he behaved badly in class and didn’t show his teachers more respect. Anna regrets that she didn’t learn how to save money or make a budget when she was a teenager. She regrets that her parents went without things in order to give her everything she wanted. Now she regrets that she doesn’t know more about planning her finances.

Exercise 3

1 sometimes 2 pointless 3 wants 4 full 5 high enough 6 difficult

Exercise 4b

 Facts: Between 20 and 30% of teens in the USA have a period of depression before they become adults. Teens today know less about money management than teens five years ago.


The most important thing is to be true to yourself. If your friends are real friends, they won’t care if you’re different. Sometimes when you’re a teen, you feel as if you’re all alone. Life is so much easier if you share your problems. You only get one life – so live it. Teachers push them [kids] to do their best. It’s my job is a very challenging one.

Page 85 :  Grammar

Exercise 1

Suggested answers: A real friend never says negative things about you to other people. A frenemy is nice to your face but talks about you behind your back. A real friend keeps your secrets. A frenemy passes information on to other people. A real friend is happy for you when you do well, look good, etc. A frenemy is always in competition with you and only happy when they are better than you.

A real friend is always honest. A frenemy tells you only what they want you to know. 2 I wish you hadn’t hurt your ankle. If only you didn’t have a bad ankle. I wish I could come shopping with you as I promised. If only Ravi hadn’t asked me out. simple; perfect

Exercise 3

1 friendships weren’t so difficult 2 didn’t expect friendships to be perfect 3 didn’t get so angry at little things 4 wasn’t annoying at times 5 didn’t get impatient with me 6 knew how important they are to me

Exercise 4a

1 hadn’t shouted 2 hadn’t moved 3 hadn’t wasted 4 hadn’t become 5 had told 6 had spoken

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