Ezequiel Saidman - Matías Santoro


1. Why had Framton Nuttel come to the “rural retreat”?

Because he was trying to cure his nerve problem.

2. Why had his sister given him letters of introduction to people living there?

Because she didn't want him to be alone in that place, so she gave him addresses of people she had known.

3. What had happened in the Sappleton family as narrated by the niece?

Exactly 3 years ago, the woman´s husband and her two brothers went shooting, but they never came back, and their bodies were never recovered. However, the aunt thought that they would come back, and she was waiting for them leaving the French window open.

4. What did Mrs Sappleton say about the open window?

The aunt said that she had left the window opened because her husband and brothers went shooting and they would come back through that window.

5. The horror on the girl’s face made Framton swing around in his seat. What did he see?

Framton saw the lady's husband and brothers coming back from hunting, but they were supposed to be dead.

6. Why did Frampton rush out wildly?

Because, when he saw the lady's husband and brothers coming back from hunting, he thought he was seeing ghosts.

7. What was the girl’s explanation for his lightning exit?

The girl said that he ran away quickly because he saw the spaniel. Once, he was hunted by some wild dogs into a cemetery, and he spent all night in a grave with the dogs upon him. She said that was enough to make someone lost their nerves.


8. Framton Nuttel telling a friend about his experience

Dear Simon,

How are you, in your new house? I expect you are very well, and getting used to your new life. I have to tell you the most extraordinary story you will ever hear.

When I went to the “rural retreat”, I visited a woman called Mrs. Sappleton. While I was waiting for her in the living room, her niece told me that, three years from that day, Mrs Sappleton’s husband and two brothers went shooting but they never came back, and their bodies were never recovered. However, a few moments later, I clearly saw three people coming back from hunting. That sent shivers down my spine, and I was frightened to death. The first thing I thought was to run as far away as possible, and I nearly hit a cyclist while running away. If the story Mrs Sappleton’s niece told me is true, I will report that family to the police.

That is the end of my story, hope you like it.


Your friend Framton

9. Write a new ending

When Framton saw Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and brothers coming back from hunting, he got frightened and screamed “But this is not possible, they are dead! Am I crazy?” Mrs. Sappleton heard this and answered “Who is dead?” Framton, pointing to her husband and brothers, said “They are, that is what your niece told me!” Mrs. Sappleton got angry and shouted to her niece “You are punished, go to your room! You are not allowed to get out until tomorrow!” When her niece got out of sight, she looked at Framton and said “Excuse me, the problem is my niece, she has a great imagination and she always makes up stories that frighten the guests” Framton breathed, sat and said “Don't worry, it doesn't matter”.

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