Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Use between two and five words.
1 This is my first time in a sauna. NEVER
 sauna before.

2 I came here last month. BEEN
 a month.

3 He started to write his first book a year ago. WRITING
He  for a year.

4 He hasn't given a concert for a year. LAST
He  year ago.

5 His car was not nearly as expensive as mine. MUCH
His car  mine.

6 Your computer is faster than mine. NOT
My computer is  yours.

7 I've never had a worse meal in my life. FAR
This is  meal I've had.

8 I feel much better if I do a lot of exercise. MORE
The  better I feel.

9 He didn't answer the phone during dinner. WHILE
He didn't answer the phone  dinner.

10 I went for a run this morning despite the heavy rain. HEAVILY
I went for a run even though  this morning.

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