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Sounds and noises


A sound is what you hear or can be heard while a noise is a sound,especially a loud or unpleasant one.

Below you'll find noises and sounds people or things can make.


things making the sound

verb of the sound (v)

name of the sound (n)

a door that needs oiling

 a wooden floor, a stair when a pressure is put on it


to creak


a bacon, a drop of water or butter on a hot frying pan


to sizzle


leaves, clothes or papers when rubbed against each other


to rustle


a bomb, a gun


to bang


a clock or a watch


to tick


a cat when caressed

a well-tuned car engine


to purr


car tyres when one brakes suddenly


to screech


a heavy object hitting something else or falling on the ground


to thud


bell, keys in a pocket


to jingle


a bar of soap falling into the full bath tub, a drop of water


to plop


champagne cork coming out


to pop


little bells, wine glasses


to tinkle

tinkle (light ringing sounds)

a light being switched on


to click


kettle lid shaking while water boiling

window in the wind


to rattle


chair dragged across the floor


to scrape


a fridge, a factory machine


to hum


ocean hitting the rocks, when you jump into the river


to splash


wood burning in fire


to crackle

crackle, crackling

sound people make when moaning

a dog asking for food

a vacuum cleaner


to whine



rubber sole of shoes on shiny floor

car tyres in a car park


to squeak


a car, thunder or a lion

an audience's laughter


to roar


footsteps, rain on the roof

to patter


*pitter-patter(adv): with quick light beats or steps


  • Buzz - Bees buzz as they fly about collecting pollen.
  • Hum - I like to hum as I do the cleaning around the house.
  • Boo - The crowd booed the politician to show their displeasure.
  • Howl - Sarah howled in pain when she stubbed her toe on the door.
  • Whimper - The dog whimpered because it missed its owner.
  • Crunch - The icy snow crunched underneath my feet as I walked across the field.
  • Whoosh - The air left the tire with a great whoosh.
  • Screech - The crow screeched in the distance when it saw the people approaching.
  • Whir - The computer whirred as it processed the data.
  • Grind - Don't grind your teeth! You'll wear them down.
  • Gurgle - I could hear the small brook gurgling in the background.
  • Chirp - The little songbird chirped happily from the bush.
  • Rattle - The broken part rattled inside the gadget.
  • Neigh - The horse neighed as it came to a stop.
  • Squeak - The little mouse squeaked as it looked for food throughout the house.
  • Splash - Tom splashed loudly when he jumped into the swimming pool.
  • Ping - The modem pinged as it connected to the network.
  • Puff - I stood puffing hard after the two-mile run.
  • Clatter - The dishes clattered in the kitchen while he cleaned up after dinner.
  • Thud - The book dropped onto the floor with a loud thud.
  • Moo - The cow mooed loudly as it tried to scare the men walking through the field.
  • Tinkle - The crystal glass tinkled lightly when I toasted with my wife.
  • Clang - Could you please be quiet? You're clanging those pots and pans and it's driving me crazy!
  • Hiss - The snake hissed at the hiker to warn him away.

Now follow the liks and do the exercises:




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