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Gerund or Infinitive?

  1. I’d love ______ (COME) to the party with you!

  2. I can’t bear ________ (LISTEN) to that horrendous noise any more.

  3. Have they finished _________ (CLEAN) the windows yet?

  4. Do you remember ___________ (MEET) them at the Christmas party last year?

  5. Please try __________ (BE) a little more cooperative?

  6. Do we really need ________ (BUY) a new car?

  7. Please remember _________ (COVER) your shoulders and legs before entering the church.

  8. Oh, no. I forgot _______ (LEAVE) food for the cat!

  9. I’ll never forget _______ (MEET) you as long as I live.

  10. This window needs ________ (FIX).

  11. I regret ________ (INFORM) you that your credit card is no longer valid and I’m going to have to destroy it.

  12. A: What’s he doing to that poor animal? B: He’s just trying _______ (GIVE) it a pill.

  13. You’ll regret ________ (LEND) him your favourite book – you’ll see!

  14. Try _______ (BLOW) on the soup before eating it.

  15. Jake learned ________ (WRITE) earlier than the other kids in his class.

  16. I stopped _______ (TIE) up my shoelace and the bullet missed me.

  17. We can’t afford _______ (BUY) a larger flat.

  18. Oh, Eric’s bound _______ (PASS) the exam.

  19. She can’t bear ________ (IRON) so I do it.

  20. That fence won’t stop the foxes _______ (GET) into the chicken coop.

  21. Is Johnnie allowed _______ (STAY) out this late at night?

  22. Do you fancy _________ (GO) for a beer this evening?

  23. You should encourage him _________ (STUDY) harder.

  24. He can’t help ________ (SPEAK) with that accent.

  25. But you promised _______ (TAKE) me to the fair!

  26. Can you imagine _______ (LIVE) in such a humid climate?

  27. I remember _______ (GO) into the bank but absolutely nothing after that.

  28. I object to _______ (HAVE) to pay an extra charge.

  29. Hasn’t he stopped _______ (SUCK) his thumb yet?

  30. I’m afraid _______ (SAY) she didn’t get the job.

Study Tip

When you are reading in English underline and note down every time you come across a verb followed by an infinitive or gerund. Over time you will accumulate a list of model sentences illustrating the use of the two verbal forms. Review your list frequently and use it as a study aid before an exam.


1. to come, 2. to listen, 3. cleaning, 4. meeting, 5. to be, 6. to buy, 7. to cover, 8. to leave,  9. meeting, 10. fixing, 11. to inform, 12. to give, 13. lending, 14. blowing, 15. to write, 16. to tie, 17. to buy, 18. to pass, 19. ironing, 20. getting, 21. to stay, 22. going, 23. to study, 24. speaking, 25. to take, 26. living, 27. going, 28. having, 29. sucking, 30. to say








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