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1 anti-virus software Software for blocking malicious (bad) programs, such as viruses or malware, from harming your computer.
A Computer Virus - 3D movie
Desktop Fight- Anti Virus Software
2 avatar An avatar is a graphic (picture, image) that you use to represent yourself on the Internet.
Why Use an Avatar (video) 2
3 boundaries Boundaries are physical, emotional and mental limits we set to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used, or harmed by others. 
Tell a Trusted Adult (video)
If We Know, We Can Help (video)
4 bully A bully is someone who acts in an aggressive, hostile, or hurtful manner toward others.
Price of Silence PSA 1
5 bystander Bystanders are people who witness the actions of the bully and the reactions of the victim(s), without taking action.

For additional definitions of bystander, visit 
Eyes on Bullying: Bystander.
Define the Bully, Bystander & the Bullied(video)
Price of Silence PSA
6 citation, cite, citing A reference which names the source of specific information which has been used.
BibMe - Quick way to cite sources
You quote it; you note it!(slideshow)
7 citizenship Citizenship means being a member of and supporting your community and country. Citizens have both rights and responsibilities.
Digiteens Digital Citizenship Project(video collection)
The Good Citizen(video)
8 copyright Copyright is the owner’s legal right to reproduce, display, transmit, perform, and modify a work as well as the right to publicly perform a sound recording by digital transmission. A work is automatically copyrighted at the moment of creation, as long as it exists in a fixed, tangible form. You don’t have to use the © symbol for a work to by copyrighted. (Hobbs 2011)
Copyright? What's Copyright?(video)
Copyright Kids(website)
9 Creative Commons A Creative Commons license lets you decide how others may use your work. The Creative Commons license allows you to keep your copyright but also allow others to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit and only on the conditions you specify. 
Wanna Work Together?(video)
Creative Commons Licenses(video) from
Creative Commons Licenses
10 cyber-
Cyberbullying is the use of digital media tools such as the Internet and cell phones to deliberately and repeatedly hurt, harass, or embarrass someone else.

Detecting Lies and Staying True(video)
Stacey’s Story(video)
Talent Show - Cyberbullying PSA (video)
11 digital identity/footprint A digital footprint is all of the information online about a person either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally.
Understanding Impact of a Digital Footprint(video)
Controlling Your Digital Identity(website)
12 downloading Downloading is the process of transferring files from a website/Internet location down to your personal computer. Downloading can be either authorized or unauthorized by the content creator - and may contain malware. Beware!
13 emoticon A simple face, sometimes animated, that expresses an emotion. Emoticons let you show someone online how you are feeling.
Use of Emoticons in Internet Communication(video) 1
14 empathy Empathy (a top 21st century skill) is being aware of, sensitive to, and understanding what someone else is feeling or experiencing.
Change for a Dollar (video) 1
15 fair use Fair use is the idea that copyright material may be quoted without the need for permission from or payment to the original source, provided that a citation is clearly given and that the material quoted is reasonably brief.
User’s Rights, Section 107(video) 3
16 firewall A firewall is hardware or software that blocks or filters certain types of network traffic from reaching your computer.
Cybertrails - What is a firewall?(video) 4
17 flame A deliberately mean-spirited message sent to others on the Internet.
18 grooming Techniques used by child predators to try to gain your trust.
Grooming Gracie(video) 1
19 hacker A hacker is someone who accesses computer information without permission.
What Is Hacking?(video) 3
20 harassment To annoy someone repeatedly. For example, cursing at, following, or mocking someone online.
Cyberbullying Digital Harassment (video) 1
21 hardware A term for the actual computer equipment and related machines or computer parts.
How Stuff Works - Computer Tour(video) 4
22 identity theft A crime that happens when someone gets the personal information (e.g., credit card, social security number, bank account numbers) of another person, usually to steal money. 
Identity Theft - What Teens Need to Know(video) 4
23 intellectual property Intellectual property includes art, books, inventions, magazines, movies, music, performances, reports, software, stories created by you or by others.
Copyright? What’s Copyright?__(video)
What is copyright?(website)
24 jeopardize, jeopardizing To jeopardize is to put something at risk or in danger, such as your reputation or digital footprint.

keyword A word you use when looking for information on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc). 
listserve An online list that allows users to send e-mail to one address, where messages are then copied and sent to all of the people on the list.
27 malicious Means to cause harm to someone or something on purpose. 
28 malware Stands for malicious software or code, which includes any harmful code—trojans, worms, spyware, adware, etc.—that is designed to damage the computer or collect information.
How to Remove Malware (video) 4
29 media literacy Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms.
Show Your Media Literacy (video) all

netiquette Courtesy, honesty, and polite behavior practiced on the Internet - key component of digital citizenship!
What's Netiquette?(video)
BrainPop's Digital Etiquette (video)
31 open source/ Programming code with limited or no copyright restrictions, allowing you to legally modify and share the software program.
What Is Open Source? (video) 3
32 password The secret word you use when signing in to the Internet or an online service that helps to confirm your identity.
What is Personal Information? (video) all
33 perpetrator Perpetrator is another word for bully.
Price of Silence PSA 1
34 phishing Phishing is a con game that scammers use to collect personal information from unsuspecting users. The false e-mails often look surprisingly legitimate, and even the Web pages where you are asked to enter your information may look real. However, the URL in the address field can tell you if the page you have been directed to is valid or not.
Phishing Scams in Plain English(video) 4
35 piracy, pirating Piracy is theft of intellectual property - in other words, stealing what does not belong to you.
What Is Piracy?(video) 4
36 plagiarism Plagiarism is using someone else's words or ideas and passing them off as your own.
You Quote It; You Note It(interactive slideshow)
Digital Citizenship - who will you be? (video)
37 precautions Precautions are actions taken in advance to protect against possible danger, failure, or injury; a safeguard.
38 predator One who stalks or uses lies, secrecy, or stealth, to get close enough to another person in order to easily hurt or harm them. Usually an adult.
Grooming Gracie(video)
It's just a Game. Or Is It? (video)
39 privacy Privacy is your right to determine what information you would like others to know about you.
Do You Really Have a Private Life Online? (video) 4
40 PSA Public Service Announcement: a short 30-90 second video that seeks to inform or educate the public about an important health or safety issue.
41 search engine A program that searches information on the Web by looking for specific keywords.
Best Search Engines all
42 sexting Sexting is sending sexually suggestive or explicit text messages, photographs, or videos via cell phones.
Sexting - Don't Incite It! (video)
Sexting - Don’t Promote It!
Posting Pictures Onlin (video)
43 software patches A patch can be an upgrade (adding more features), a bug fix, a new hardware driver or update to address new issues such as security or stability problems.
44 spyware Spyware is software that goes on your computer without your knowledge and steals private information.
What Is Spyware?(video) 4
45 tolerance Tolerance is respecting those who are different from you.
2010 Tolerance Video 1
46 trojan horse Similar to the Greek mythology, trojan horses are software programs that hide inside regular programs, such as games, disk utilities, and even antivirus programs. But if they are run, these programs can do great harm to your computer.
Viruses, Worms, and Trojans - Oh my! (video)
How Does a Trojan Horse Virus Work? (video)
47 upload The process by which an individual can send/post/upload a file to the Internet.
48 upstander An upstander is someone who takes action to stop bullying behavior or other inappropriate behaviors.
Price of Silence PSA 1
49 victim A victim is someone who is harmed by another person or persons.
Price of Silence PSA 1
50 virus A virus is a program that duplicates itself and spreads throughout your computer destroying files, changing data, hogging all your memory, or doing anything that is possible with a computer program. Viruses only damage software, not hardware.
Viruses, Worms, and Botnet Explained(video)

UYN: Don’t Open That File(video)
51 worm A computer worm is a type of virus that replicates itself, but does not change any files on your machine. However, worms can multiply so many times that they take up all your computer's available memory or hard disk space.
Viruses, Worms, and Trojans - Oh my! (video) 4
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