First things first: you need to know what it's all about

Can you answer these questions?

Your Speaking Exam 

1) How many sections are there in your Speaking exam?

2) How long is each section? 

3) What's the focus of each section? Answering questions? Making a long turn? Taking part in a role-play, simulation or discussion?

4) Are you interviewed alone or with a partner? 

5) What kind of questions are you likely to be asked in the 'getting-to-know-you' section? 

6) What do you have to do in the long-turn?

7) Do you have time to prepare for your long turn and if so can you make notes?

8) If you're being examined with another candidate, do you have to do anything at the end of your partner's long turn?

9) If your exam has a role-play or simulation activity, is the task given to you in writing?

10) If there's a discussion stage, do you talk with a partner, the examiner or both?

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