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What makes someone great?


Today we are going to talk about three successful producers and directors of the world. This person are James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen. We don't know if you know them so first let us explain some details of their life.


James Cameron

James Cameron is a famous producer, director, screenwriter of many movies (like “The terminator”, “Titanic” and “Avatar”), an ecologist and a fillantroper. He was born on August 16th of 1954, in Canada. Son of a nurse and an engineer, he always was interested in science. When he was 15 years old, he saw the movie “A Space Odyssey “ which showed him all the fascinating things about science fiction and  visual effects. He was very hooked on all that stuff but he needed money so he took up the career of Physics and English literature while he was working as a mechanic or truck driver. In 1979, after he had seen “Star Wars”, he realised he had to follow his dream of being a filmmaker. New World Pictures opened a door to him when they contracted Cameron to be the creator of special effects: However, his lucky break was when Ovidio G. Assonitis hired him to be a filmmaker.

Talking about his family, Cameron has been married five times, his first wife was Sharon Williams (1978–1984), later Gale Anne Hurd (1985–1989), his third was the director Kathryn Bigelow (1989–1991), then Linda Hamilton (1997–1999) and the last one was Suzy Amis (2000–present). He also has 4 children: Josephine (1993), Claire (2001),Quinn (2001) and Elizabeth Rose (2006).

He is very demanding with his job and has very high expectations from everyone, many actors who worked with him said that he is a nice man but his temper is difficult to deal with. Others said that it was a nightmare working with him and unless they earned a lot of money, they wouldn't  be in other film.

He was awarded many Oscar prizes, and other awards for his movies that introduced him in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

He is still alive and now he is moving a lot with all the ecologist things, creating in 2014 a high school, whose project is about the love with the planet.


Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg was born in Ohio, USA, on December 18th of 1946. He’s now a director, screenwriter, producer and a game designer. Many films of him´s won the Oscar prize. He’s jewish and came from an ashkenazi family, his mother was a piano player and his father was an electrical engineer. He had, in his early life, some problems because he was a jewish. Once, he had been hit by students of his high school, just because of his religion. Later, Steven tried to enter the University of Southern California (a school of cinema) but he wasn’t successful. Studying in California State University, he became a member of Theta Chi Fraternity. For raising money he worked as a gardener. His real career started when he got into Universal Studios as a collaborator of the edition department. His first short movie “Amblin’” (1968) was shown on cinemas, the title was used later to give his own film production the name of ´Amblin’ Entertainment. In Universal, he directed many TV series, and his success arrived with his excellent direction of “Duel”, which opened him a door to the big screen. “The Sugarland Express” was his first film, and many other movies of him´s won the Oscar prize, as “Schindler’s List” or “Saving Private Ryan”, like many others awards.


Woody Allen

Woody Allen was born on December 1st, 1935 in New York, USA. He’s a director, screenwriter, actor, musician and a writer. He’s also jewish as Spielberg, and Allen studied in his first 8 years in a jewish school, before he entered Midwood High School. When he was young he used to play the violin but then he became a clarinet player. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed a change of mood: he became a lonely boy. Allen always disliked school but in his writings, he never tried to hold up his sense of humor. In addition, he liked to play sports as baseball. He also loved boxing. At 16, he started his career as a humorist, and one year later, he changed his real name (Allan Stewart Königsberg) to Woody Allen. When he was about to finish high school, he began to create jokes with the purpose of sending them to the columnists of New York’s newspapers. When he was 17 years old, his name was very known in many newspapers. In 1953, Allen entered the University of New York, where he studied Cinematography Production. Before entering in the university, he had been a musician who played the clarinet in a band called “The New Orleans Jazz Band”. At university he wasn’t very good at many subjects so he left it and he acted in many pubs and sometimes on TV. In 1960, the success came to him because he was given the possibility of making a script and act in the film “What’s new, pussy cat?”. In 1968, he made his first movie (written and directed by himself, where he acted as a thief) “Take the money and run”. This film became a success. Many films of him have won the Oscar prize as “Annie Hall” (best director and original script), “Hannah and her sisters” and “Midnight in Paris”, both of them won the category of original script.






We think that the only thing they have in common and made them great is that when they were young they had special jobs that didn't have anything in common with their success. The need of raising money made them appreciate all the things that they have now, by seeing all the different ways of lives that people have.  Spielberg was a gardener, Cameron, a mechanic and a truck driver. Allen was a musician who played the clarinet in a band called “The New Orleans Jazz Band”. Moreover, all the money that they have won until now was spent in their movies to show to the people the different ways to deal with problems making a better world.  James Cameron with lots of his movies try to educate to the people the love of the planet that all of us have to care. Woody Allen deals with the problems of the people by making them laugh, and Steven Spielberg shows how people are discriminated, like in the film “Schindler’s list” making the spectators see that all the people are equal and nobody deserves to be discriminated.

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