Pablo D.G


Complete these sentences with the verbs in brackets in the right tense

1) What will she do (she-do) if she doesn´t pass the test?

2) Tina always walks (walk) to school if the weather is (be) nice.

3) If you are (be) late for school, you will miss (miss) the class!

4) When Sheila was working, the phone rang (ring)

5) Did you see (you see) John last weekend?

6) Next weekend, I am going to watch (watch) a new film.

7) Breakfast is included (include) in the trip.

8) The Eiffel Tower was built (build) in 1889

9) What is (be) your favourite food from your country?

10) She isn´t allowed / wasn´t allowed (not allow) to go to parties.

11) If there is a fire, call (call) the police!!

12) When she is (be) older, she will be a doctor.

13) What is Gina doing (Gina –do) now?

14) Tom is  very intelligent. However, he won´t pass the Math test (not pass the Math test) if he doesn´t study (not study) hard!!

15) If you have a stomachache, you should see / will have to see (see) a doctor.

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