Netflix is an app where you can watch movies and series. You have an unlimited views per month but you have to pay 8, 99$ per month. There is a huge variety and diversity of content. You don´t have to wait until the movie or series download to watch it so it is very fast and practical.  

I like this app because it’s very useful if you have free time, and you don´t have nothing ANYTHINGto do, Netflix, it’sis very practical because you can start to watch a series or a film immediately, and you don’t need to wait. Also it recommends you the series you may like and you can make your own list.

There are only two things I don’t find useful, the first one is that all the seasons are released very late. The second disadvantage is that you have to pay per month.

I would recommend this to all the people who enjoyswatching movies and series. Also,to those who have toOmuch free time and want to spend it onINa relaxing way, without making any effort.


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