I love this website. I spend a lot of time watching videos, and my favourite website to do so, is YouTube. You can find any type of videos, from funny ones, to musical videos. Also, you can choose the video quality.

What I love of this website, is that you can stay tuned KEEP UPwith the last news of your favourite artista S, or favourite YouTube channels. Anytime they post a video, it will appear on your channel’s home page. I also find useful the rating. It gives you an expectativeidea about how good or bad the video you’re about to see is.

One of their ITS weaknesses are the comments. MOST OF THEM The most part of them are mean comments, or discussions, and it’s harmful for the people who uploads the video, or for the people that actually liked the video.

I would recommend it for Teenagers onwards. Children can also use this website, but in that case, I would recommend parental control."

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Fecha: 16/9/2015 | Creado por: Marina Gisella
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  • Marina hace 4 años
    Your mark: 7 (seven)