Review: Mercado Libre.



I have always been a shopaholic, when I go to the shopping mall I always spend hours watching and buying things, generally clothes. One day I spent 6000 dollars in ON clothes. But sometimes I fell FEEL tired and I would rather prefer to stay at home rather than go shopping, so when that happens I use Mercado Libre, where I can explore and buy things without moving my legs.


I love that when you order something the service is so fast that the order arrives after one hour an if you have bought clothes you have three days to try them on and then decide the size you are going to buy, that´s why I like this Website. And it´s very useful for those persons PEOPLE who work buying and selling things.


But it has some bad things too like the fact that you don’t have to interact with people and you start losing the habit of talking to them, if it breaks while its being delivered you still have to pay for it and the worst thing is that they store SAVE all your information like credit cards, names, directions, phone numbers etc… and they may steal anything with that information.


I would recommend this to anyone who doesn´t like going shopping and would rather buy online than buy at the shopping mall.

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