Delfina and Nicholas


I use the app to upload photos of my current (DAILY) life. I normally upload one every week. I also follow a lot of Friends and famous people on my account. It can be used as well to work (FOR WORK AS WELL). The pictures are good OF quality and downloading and creating your account is completely free.


WhyWHAT  i I  find particularly useful about the app, is that i Ican share and see pictures all day long. You can follow a wide range of accounts from fashion to food. You can also say where the picture has been taken and who you are with.


I think the fonts are not good enough and sometimes they mess up the picture. Another bad point (DOWNSIDE/DISADVANTAGE),is that you can´t change the size of the picture and sometimes the zoom is too much (BIG).


I ´ll recommend it to everyone who is interested IN on taking pictures and sharing them with other people. It is also a good way to promote a lebel or to make publicity (TO PROMOTE OR ADVERTISE A BRAND).

Your mark: 8 (eight)

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    Your mark: 8 (eight)