1. Make 10 questions about SPORTS and then answer them.

2. Create a google form for your questions and answers. 

3. Upload the form to the campus.

How to create a google form

1.     Go to drive at drive. Google.com

2.     In the top left, click NEW, hover over more and choose GOOGLE FORMS and a new form will automatically open.

3.     Go to ‘UNTITLED FORM’ (top left corner) and write the names of all the members of your group. Don’t write your surnames. Then go to where it says FORM DESCRIPTION and write SPORTS CHALLENGE.

4.     Write your question where it says QUESTION TITLE

Ex  1) How many times did Argentina win FIFA’s world Cup?

Go to QUESTION TYPE and choose MULTIPLE CHOICE, then write your answers


OPTION 1  A  1



Tick required question

Click on DONE.

        Click on ADD ITEM and choose PAGE BREAK

        Click again on ADD ITEM and choose MULTIPLE CHOICE.

  Repeat the same until you have written all the questions and their options.

5.     Surf the web for the image you want your friends to see when they lose. Save it in your computer. Then, Click on ADD ITEM and choose IMAGE and then upload your image to the google form. Choose another image to tell them that they have won. Repeat the procedure.

6.     Go back to page 1 and next to MULTIPLE CHOICE tick GO TO PAGE BASED ON ANSWER. Choose continue to next page if it is the correct answer and go to PAGE 11 (if you have 10 questions) if it is the wrong answer. You have to do this with all your answers except the last one. Choose go to page 11 if it is the wrong answer and go to page 12 if it is the correct one. 

7.     Go to CHANGE THEME and choose a THEME for your form.

8.     Finally click on SEND FORM and then click on EMBED. Copy that code because it will be necessary to upload your form to CAMPUS. 


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