Time to read!








Before you read 

1) Use your dictionary to check the meanings of these words. 

anaesthetic chloroform serum sweat 

a) Which words refer to something a doctor might use? 

b) Which word refers to a liquid produced by the body?


2) A krait is a small poisonous snake. Are there any dangerous 

creatures in your country? Which ones are poisonous?

 After you read

3) Put these in the order in which they happen. 

a) The doctor arrives. 

b)Harry jumps up. 

c) Ganderbai uses chloroform. 

d) Timber Woods goes to Ganderbai's house. 

e) Harry sees the krait. 

f) Harry is given some serum. 

g) Harry becomes violently angry. 


4) Do you think there really was a snake? What do you think is in 

each of the characters' minds at the end of the story?

5) Watch the video and compare it to the story. Write about the similarities and differences.

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