Time to read!



Before you read 

One of the ideas behind this story is that there are sounds that 

humans cannot hear. Give some examples of these sounds. How 

do we know that they exist? 


1) Are these sentences true or false? Correct the ones that are false.

(a) Klausner has bought a machine to hear sounds that we cannot normally hear.

(b) Klausner is a tall, strong man.

(c) Klausner hears the flowers scream when they are cut.

(d) He asks Mrs Saunders to cut another flower.

(e) Klausner phones the doctor very late at night.

(f) The doctor thinks that Klausner is insane.

(g) The doctor puts iodine on the tree because he is frightened of Klausner.


2) Check the meanings of these words in your dictionary

axe:                                                                                                                                                 dial:                                                                                                                                                          iodine:                                                                                                                                    vibrate: 

3) Describe what the sound machine looks like, and what it is for

4) Write questions for these answers. 

a Because Klausner has had a bad throat. 

b They scream. 

c Because she thinks Klausner is crazy. 

d Because Klausner phones him. 

e It smashes the sound machine. 

f Because Klausner is threatening him with an axe. 


5) What discoveries does Klausner think he has made? How do you 

think Klausner feels about them? If these discoveries were correct, 

how would they change your life? 

6) Imagine that you are the doctor. Describe to a friend what happened, how you felt when you first went to Klausner’s house and when you went to the park.

Discuss what you will do next

Contrast the story and the video: make a chart with the differences (5 similarities and 5 differences)!



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