After watching "Geek Calendar" and " The Dinner Party", follow these activities.






















A.1- Read this article and answer the questions appropiately.






























  1. Could you tell us which are the most important tips in order to protect your PC?

  2. Write a name for the text and then, make a summary of the most important things in the text.

  3. Why do we have to be careful with our PC protection, applications, programmes, screensavers....

  4. If you were a person who has that problem, what would you do? And, if you need to give an advice?





  • build a Webpage (also, Website)

  • check your email

  • download music files

  • go on the Internet / go online

  • install software

  • meet people online

  • scan for viruses

  • send email

  • start up / shut down your computer

  • surf the Internet


  • chat rooms

  • computer

  • email

  • Internet connection

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  • laptop computer

  • the Internet

  • URL (Webpage address)

  • Web browser

  • Webpage


Everytime you are going to connect to the internet, you must protect your PC. If you don’t, it is like leaving your door wide open for robbers.

You’ve probably heard everything such like computer virus, hacker, firewall, spyware and a lot more. Perhaps, you think that the anti-virus application that came along with the computer is adequate to keep you safe, right? Wrong ….

First of all, you require a firewall.
This is your first line of protection, causing it highly troublesome for some hacker or malicious software to get through.
However, nothing is perfectly unbreakable, but anti-virus application shall always watch for anything suspicious that manages to disturb your computer and having an anti-virus application is a must.

But there are things that can get into your machine in the most unusually ways.
It can be unknowingly added by you when you tried to download music, screensavers or pc games onto your machine. It can even be downloaded by someone you know and trust, like a friend, employer, etc.
This malicious software is called spyware and its threatening, it can break out your privacy which allows people or computer programs to discover what you’re doing, what sites you are viewing and even log your keystrokes so that they can find out the characters you type in, such as passwords and credit card details.

The most fundamental thing to protect your system against spyware is to install a powerful software that catch and removes it.
Well, you have your firewall and your anti-virus software in place. Probably, you think that an anti-spyware application is only money down the drain. Well, unfortunately not, this software would fill up the gaps leftover by your other security application, and even if it won’t get your desktop computer entirely impenetrable, it will be like closing all your doors and windows and having a warning signal system equipped before you’re leaving your computer, but some highly skilled hacker can still break in if they really wanted to.

Many people are currently applying their computers for a wide range of personal and business applications.
Getting prevention measures to assure your internet protection have to be as natural as closing down the door behind you when you are leaving out, and there are affordable and easy to use applications out there to help you doing that.





















































A.2- Listen carefully and then answer the questions below.






  1. What is the main topic of this conversation?

    1. computer sales negotiation

    2. a preliminary interview

    3. an internet seminar meeting.


2. From the discussion, what did Mr. Taylor probably do for his previous company?

a) He managed the sales department.

b) He gave seminars on the internet.

c) He worked as a custodian.


  1. Mr. Taylor thinks that Java is:

    1. a webpage authoring program.

    2. a kind of beverage.

    3. a computer game software.


  1. What does the man mean when he says, "We'll be in touch" at the end of the conversation?

a) A. He will call Mr. Taylor in the next few days.
B. He talk over their discussion with others.
C. He will not contact him for further consideration.

5. Choose the best word(s) to describe Mr. Taylor:
A. on the ball
B. high achiever
C. uninformed



Suppose you are applying to work for a computer software company. What qualifications and skills would be needed in different positions within a company? What kinds of questions do you think you would be asked in a job interview for such positions?





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