Extra booklet

This is a message to all the students who are going to sit for B1 Preliminary

Dates: Thursday Dec, 2nd - Reading, Writing & Listening//Friday Dec, 3rd - Speaking

 You should practise on your own too. I've already prepared a booklet with 4 complete tests that you can buy at FORUM or EL APUNTE. The booklet is called 'B1 PRELIMINARY BOOKLET OCTOBER 2021'

Below you will find all the  components you need to work with the booklet:



BOOKLET (PDF) click HERE (if you don't want to buy the printed version).

Tips for self-study

  • Choose a paper (Reading, listenting etc), note down the time you start and finish. Please don't work on a part, stop and then continue because you need to be able to do it in a certain timing. (see timing and marks below)
  • Reading - Remember to write your answers on the answer sheet every time you finish a part. If you are going to use the PDF version of the booklet, print the answer sheets so that you practise.
  • Listening - Do not use headphones. Use a speaker. Listen to each recording twice and do not pause the recordings under any circumstance. 
  • Reading and Listening - In order to complete the answer sheets you need a B or HB pencil and a white rubber. When you shade the boxes be careful not to press the pencil too much. When you have to write use CAPITALS LETTERS.
  • Writing - For the writing they give you a A4 lined sheet of paper. You must write with a pen. If you make a mistake you must cross the words/words out. You can't use liquid paper. 


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