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Cusotmer and shop asistant 

Cusotmer: hello 

Shop assistant: hello, can I help you?

Customer : yes 

Shop assistant: how can I help you

Customer: I am looking for some jeans and for some shoes 

Shop assistant: what size are you?

Customer : my size for jeans are large and my size for shoes are 38 

Shop assistant: okey come with me

Customer: okey 

Shop assistant :what color of jeans and what color of shoes do you want?

Customer: I want the jeans on black and the shoes on white 

Shop assistant: okey

Customer: what is the price of the jeans and for the shoes ?

Shop assistant: the price is 10 pounds and the price of shoes is 20 pounds

Customer: okey, I pay with credit card 

Shop assistant: okey, the total is 30 pounds

customer:okey, can you give me the receipt,please?

shop assistant: yes of course 

customer: thanks, bye 

shop assistant: are you welcome, bye

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