Facundo G. & Marco D.

B = Buyer

A = Assistent


B: Hello 
A: Hello, how can i help you 
B: I need clothe for winter 
A: What size are you 
B: Medium 
A: What colour do you like 
B: I prefer grey or blue 
A: (hace una pequeña pausa), ¿This one likes? 
B: Mmmm... yes i like this 
A: Do you also buy this winter gloves 
B: Mm... ¿Do you have another colour? 
A: Yes, what colour do you like? 
B: mmm... blue 
A: This one likes 
B: Yes. Well, where i pay 
A: The cash register is your right 
B: Ok, thanks you, bye 
A: Good bye

Fuente: Facundo G. & Marco D.
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