1) Read the task and write an answer to this email in 100 words on the text of your article. Group work

2) Once you have finished make sure...


@you have  answered all the questions

@you have written the correct number of words

Communicative achievement

@you have used the correct  register (formal/informal)
@ the purpose is correct (advise, inform, complain, suggest) 
@your email looks like an email 


@you have written a paragraph per idea

@you have checked punctuation

@your sentences are connected (linkers & cohesive devices)


@You have used the vocabulary and grammar we have practised in Modules 1-2-3

3) Once you have finished check these items. Then publish it

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Writing Part 1 Email – Checklist

Content    /5

Has the student answered/developed all the questions?

Has the student written the correct number of words?

Communicative achievement   /5

Has the student used the correct register (formal/informal)?

Is the purpose (advise, inform, complain, suggest) correct?

Does the email look like an email?

  • Opening
  • A sentence referring to previous email.
  • a sentence to start saying goodbye
  • a closing and the writer’s name.
  • It includes a direct question.

Organisation   /5

Is there a paragraph per idea?

Is the punctuation correct?

Are the sentences connected (linkers & cohesive devices)? 

Language     /5

Has the student used everyday vocabulary accurately?

Has the student used new vocabulary?

Has the student overused some words?

Has the student used simple grammar accurately?

Do errors impede communication?

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