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The use of technology has increased considerably with its growth and insertion into our daily lives. Although this brings many good things, it also leads to a bad use of technology among young people. There are many ways to encourage the good use:

On the one hand, government campaigns can help to promote a message that is heard by most of the people. However, such messages are often not listened to, so it is not a very effective way. On the other hand, a better option would be educational programmes within schools. The big problem with this is that many students leave school before the end or just do not pay attention because it is school. Finally, the most viable option is to introduce advertisements about the good use of technology, within the social media and applications that young people use, due to the fact that they would at least pay attention to it.

In conclusion, there are many ways to encourage the good use of technology in young people, but the right one must be found, as they are not going to listen to just anyone or anything.

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