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Wednesday 7 July

Let´s go on working on ZOOM, the company, and cohesion (connectors)


Your assignments for 12 (&13)

Spotlight on Conjunctions

Finish each sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence above it.

1. There is ice on the runways. That’s why the airport is closed 
The airport is closed due _____________________________________________________


2. Although he lacks experience, I still think he should be promoted.
Despite his ________________________________________________________

3. Despite being severely handicapped, he is always cheerful and full of life.
Despite the ________________________________________________________

4. Although he has a very quick temper, he is a very good manager.
In spite ___________________________________________________________

5. He made a huge loss last year, but he still refuses to sell his company.
He refuses to sell his company even ____________________________________

6. I’ll inform you the moment I have any news.
I’ll inform you as ____________________________________________________

7. I set off early in order to avoid any heavy traffic on the roads.
I set off early so _______________________________________________________


Your assignments for 12 (&13) July

Re see the use of connectors; enter the links in the document  above & practise

Ready? Now do the exercises in this FORM   Deadline: Gestion & Constru: Monday 12, 8 am / LPI: Tuesday 13, 1 pm

Ex 3:

Sentence 10: write: answer blank 1 / answer blank 2  yes



1- DUE to the fact that there is ice on the runway

2 DESPITE his lack of experience, I still think he ...................

3 DESPITE THE FACT THAT he is severelly handicapped, he is always......

4- IN SPITE OF THE FACT that he has a very quick temper, he is .....

5- EVEN THOUGH he made a huge loss last year

6-I´ll inform you AS SOON AS i HAVE any news

7-... SO AS TO avoid any heavy traffic on the roads


Have a nice weekend!



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