Once upon a time a boy called Mulón lived in China. He was from a very religious family. Because of this, he didn’t want to show himself because he was afraid his family wouldn’t support him as a girl. He wanted to be a woman, he felt identificated with being a woman. 

The day that not everyone, but Mulón was waiting, arrived. The day when young ladies decide who they’ll have to marry. Mulón had wanted to go there since he was a kid, and now, he felt prepared to go. He grabbed some of her sister's clothes, put on some makeup and he was ready. 

When he arrived, a lot of young ladies were waiting at the front door. Inside, there were lots of men waiting for them. When the time came, Mulón went inside, and he was fascinated. He felt that it was his place, for the first time, he felt comfortable. 

A handsome man approached him, Mulón was anxious. They fall in love and lived a inclusive and happy ever after

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  • Santino hace 4 meses
    In my opinion, the movie of Mulan works itself in this case, it explains how a girl has to act like a boy to join the army and protect his father