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A- What kind of text have you just read? You may tick more than one option. Then give examples to support your choice(s).

  1. non-fiction

  2. newspaper article

  3. review

  4. science-fiction

  5. short story

  6. report

  7. classical literature

  8. essay

Is a science-ficcion story because it talks about a whole world with things that are internalized in people that in our time are not. for example, the robot-teachers. 

And is a short story because is not longer that 3 pages




Isaac Asimov Profile - english 2021 ← (click to open excel):




Vocabulary word




Your creative sentence




Casually calm and relaxed. 

I wish I was more nonchalantly about school.




Feeling or expressing contempt or derision.

She was absolutely scornful

with him.




Person who believes himself superior to those around them.

My boss talks so loftily, he gets on my nerves.




A disagreement or argument.

There was a dispute today at the cafe-bar. they almost came to blows




A section or zone.

I have a sector for painting stuff in my bedroom.




Feeling, showing, or expressing sorrow. In a very sad way.


Sorrow: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

He was crying sorrowfully because he had just been an orphan.




Directing or directing something towards a specific objective.

The macrame course is geared to people who are interested in crafts




Used to express confidence or certainty that something is the case or will happen.

Betcha can't leave without at least one home-made goody from the bakery counter



Comprehension work: answer these questions fully. You can “quote” from the text

1-      How old were Margie and Tommy?

Margie was eleven years old and Tommy was thirteen. 

2-      Had Margie ever seen a book before?

Yes, Margie had ever seen a book before but on a television screen. It was the first time she had seen a “real” book, a printed one, with yellow and crinkly pages.

3-      What did she find strange about the book?

The first thing that was strange to her is that it was printed on paper and the second strange thing was that the book talked about school. She hated school and didn't understand why someone would write about it.

4-      How long ago were OLD schools around?

The old schools had been around for centuries.

5-      What did the inspector do to Margie´s teacher? How is her mechanical teacher similar to our computers today?

The inspector slowed the teacher to an average level of ten years because it was too fast for Margie. The mechanical-teacher of the story and today's computers have big screens and use codes. Unlike the mechanical teacher, today's computers don’t require us to know those codes.

6-      Why did they think kids had great fun back then?

They thought kids had great fun back then because in their time all children have classes alone, in their houses and with a robot-teacher, so they can't talk to other kids. Also, each one is learning something different and they have to learn a punch code so that the mechanical teacher understands their homeworks. However, the kids, centuries ago, went to a special building to learn with other kids and their teacher was a human. Children could laugh, sit together, go home together and learn the same things so they can help and be helped by their classmates. 


Now draw a picture of Margie´s school setting, showing how this setting affects Margie and her feelings towards school.


Reporting what the characters have said

Do you remember how to do this? Look at the grammar reference, let's practice this together.


a-       Find extracts from the text where the characters use direct speech and report their conversations (e.g.: what did Margie write in her diary? What did her mum tell the Supervisor?)

  • Where did you find it? She asked where he had found it.

  • They had a special building and all the kids went there. Tommy said that they had a special building and all the kids had gone there.

  • A man isn’t smart enough. Margie said that a man wasn’t smart enough. 

  • What it is about? She asked what the book was about.

  • Well, I don't know what kind of school they had all that time ago. He didn't know what kind of school the have had all that time ago.

  • sure, if they had the same age. He said that they only would learn the same if they had been the same age.

  • and it's probably time for Tommy too. She said that there was time for Tommy too.

Tommy screamed with laughter and said to Margie that she didn’t know much. The teachers

-He agreed to her in case they had the same age (idk) 


b-      In "The Fun They Had," Tommy tells Margie about what schools were like long ago. This information is new and fascinating to Margie. Think of a time when you found information fascinating. What did someone tell you about? Why did it fascinate you? Discuss this in your group and write 2 of the most fascinating “stories”

One time on a school trip, our group went to a little science fair. The host lady told us to go inside a small room, all in the dark. She explained to us why we couldn't see, it was because there was no light. That was obvious for me, but then she turned on a red lamp and started to explain “we only can see things of the color they are because they retract the colour of the light” she said. We were so confused and started to scream at her confusing thoughts “how?” “you mean that there is no object with colour?” she laughed and said “see this'' and she showed us a picture “what colour do you see?” there was a draw, only red. She said it was because we had only the red light “and now?” and she turned on a green lamp and turned off the red. and we saw another picture, in the same paper. only that there was only green. 




a-       Look at the image below, which shows different future settings or scenarios for the school system. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each point and decide which one would be the most USEFUL for students. Report to the class


When you finish, give your opinion about the following:


. True learning is best accomplished through individual work.

. We learn best when working with other people

. Computers can take the role of teachers

. Everyone learns the same way.



b-      Now discuss the following: (whole class)


1.       How do you feel about a system of education where students learn only by computer? What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of such a system would be for middle school students?


2.       The author of "The Fun They Had" wrote in the 1950s about life as it could be in the 2150s. How accurate do you think his predictions may be? What do you think school will be like in the 2150s?


3.       How does the old book's portrayal of school compare to your school life? How is it different? What is your idea of a perfect school?


 4.  Think about Margie’s reaction to school. What do you think the author is trying to say    about how we use technology? What are your thoughts, what are the benefits and  disadvantages of technology in today’s world?



Does school prepare students for life?


We all know that most teens lives spin around school the first years of their life. We can´t affirm or deny that this can help in real life. Like current students, we know that teenagers get so stressed in school, however we know too that this can help in other things. Discipline and respect for other people can be learned in school.


Students can grow a lot in school, can make friends with their classmates and they are taught ethical values, for example to respect other students and their teachers. They learn to regulate their time to study or do homework. The lessons they receive are important too; how our country was made, all the history behind it, how our body works, and how to do math. Even though most of us don't like it, they are important.


But on the other hand, we can't turn a blind eye to the stress and mental-emotional instability that school gives us. Most of us usually feel lost in school, we aren’t prepared for the emocion we can feel, and things we need to do. 


To sum up, school is not that bad but it could be so much better. 

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    Is a science-ficcion story ?? CAN YOU START A SENTENCE LIKE THIS?
    Chart: Not clear/ inc
    Comp questions V good
    Remember I told you not to write isolated sentences?
    He didn't know what kind of school the have had all that time ago. ... THEY HAD HAD ......
    verb TO BE for telling the age!!!