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 Catastrophic meal at

“Unique Pasta”

The day that all went wrong was last saturday. With my friends we were planning on going to a beautiful restaurant next to school. So, Emma proposed going on Saturday to “Unique pasta”, which is a very  recommended place by the internet. And  we all quickly said we agreed.

Right before the meal, two of my friends, Luke and Tom, were in a big fight, which screwed up our plan, but we went there anyway.

The restaurant was beautiful and our meal was delicious, but there was some tension between us. Suddenly Luke and Tom started arguing about what happened this morning, that was very awkward  but they didn't notice and continued arguing. At one point Tom said “you are totally wrong!!” and next that he slammed  the table and a glass fell into the floor and we had to pay for it.

Finally at the end of the meal, everybody was angry with Tom, but we forgave him, so that things were okay between us.

So that was the catastrophic event on Monday, hope that never repeats. 

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  • Marina hace 5 meses
    The story is clearly connected to the first sentence the task specifies. Great!
    The two things the task specifies have been included. Great!
    There is a clear beginning, middle and end. Great!
    The tenses are appropriate for the story? Past Tenses: Past Simple -cont. - Perfect (There's no past perfect x)
    There is direct speech. Great!
    The story has been divided into paragraphs. Great!
    Punctuation is ok Great!
    There’s a wide variety of linkers. Great!
    Time phrases have been used to show a clear sequence. Great!
    There are adjectives to talk about people/things and adverbs to talk about actions
    There are no similes (I felt as though I was going to die) x