Just Bad Luck!



Melanie Yun, Santino Aguilera y Dekel Usach.

189 Words.


The day when everything went wrong was last Saturday. Everything started in a normal morning as all mornings when I woke up from bed. I saw my cell phone with a message from my girlfriend Stephanie. She invited me to go to the most luxurious restaurant. ‘Yeah why not’ I said to myself and I started preparing for my date.


The day had started normally. I went out and headed to the train station. While I was walking, I fell over and everyone started laughing at me. I thought it was just bad luck but this was just starting.


I reached the train station but when I finally arrived, the train was leaving! I ran the fastest I could but it wasn't enough. It just left. At that moment, I knew that I wouldn’t reach on time, so  I decided to wait for the next train, at least I could reach the restaurant and I would have some funny stories to tell her.


And then the train appeared. I got in and when the train stopped, I walked a long way to the restaurant, but luckily I arrived.

Fecha: 10/6/2021 | Creado por: Santino
Categoria: Story
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  • Marina hace 5 meses
    The story starts with the sentence the text specifies. You included the two things requested
    The tenses in the story are ok. You have to use Past Perfect a bit more!
    You used strong adjectives to describe people/things and adverbs to describe actions. Great!
    You haven't included a simile (I felt as though/if I was going to fall) It's a comparison that is like a methaphor
    Puntuation and linking words are ok.
  • Dekel hace 5 meses
    This is just... B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

  • Melanie hace 5 meses
    just some words to say... MASTER PIECE
  • Santino hace 5 meses
    The best story ever!