I had been extremely excited about it for weeks. Last week was the biggest party I had ever                                                      done. It was in my house.  I was very terrified because I didn’t have all the things for that day  but I went for them. I had bought some food, it seemed quite peculiar but I didn’t care about it because I didn’t have such  time. I bought a few more things and came back to my house.

      I finished, everything was perfect and the guests started to come. There were like fifty people, they looked cheerful and we were all having fun. At the moment of the meal we ate pizza. And all was fabulous until at 12 a.m when people began to feel ill and exhausted. Inside my house the air became heavier and I thought I will die .

    A few hours later a doctor came and told us ”the food you ate was inedible but don't worry I have the exact remedy you need”, after that we all started to feel better .

It has been a week since the party butI I still feel guilty even if my friends told me “don’t feel bad!” “It was a mistake, don't worry!” “It could happen to anyone”

Fecha: 10/6/2021 | Creado por: Rocio Aylen
Categoria: Story
  • Rocio hace 5 meses
    Miss we put, Inside my house the air became heavier and I thought I will die .
  • Marina hace 5 meses
    he story starts with the sentence the text specifies. You included the two things requested
    The tenses in the story are ok.
    You used strong adjectives to describe people/things and adverbs to describe actions. Great!
    You haven't included a simile (I felt as though/if I was going to fall) It's a comparison that is like a methaphor
    Puntuation and linking words are ok.