“The Talent Show”


I had been excited about it for weeks, “The Talent Show”. It’s a very important show where talented students from my highschool compete to win the “Big Prize”, free tickets for a Harry Styles’s concert. Finally, it was my chance to participate because I already had the age to sign up and win the tickets. 

I wasn’t the only one who was excited about this, I participated with my friends who were also excited about it. We were about to make a fantastic performance about a tragedy scene written by William Shakespeare called “Romeo and Juliet”. I was performing as Juliet, Ricky as Romeo, Joey as Juliet’s father and Rachel as Romeo’s mother.

We had been working hard for weeks, and we were ready to perform. Everyone was looking incredible with their costumes on. It was time to show what we prepared anxiously and prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing anything. Suddenly, at seconds to perform, Rachel told us terrible news. Ricky, who was Romeo, broke his elbow while he was coming to school so he couldn’t act. The moment that I heard that, I started to panic. Everything was going wrong. We were minutes apart to perform and we still didn't have our Romeo. Finally, a boy from the drama club helped us taking part as Romeo and we won the big prize. Sadly, my friend Ricky hadn’t been feeling well :( .

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    The story starts with the sentence the text specifies. You included the two things requested
    The tenses in the story are ok.
    There's a clear beginning middle end
    There's no direct speech x
    You used strong adjectives to describe people/things and adverbs to describe actions. Try to use adverbs of manner too.
    You haven't included a simile (I felt as though/if I was going to fall) It's a comparison that is like a methaphor
    Puntuation and linking words are ok.