Reporting verbs

Wednesday 19 May Unit 7: reporting verbs

Group work Open your student´s books on page 97 Use of English 1: Reporting verbs

Work on exercises 1 to 3

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Verbs followed by * can be used with more than one structure.

Verb + (object) + that + phrase
She agreed that it was an exciting story.
They promised us that they would come.

admit*, advise*, agree*, boast*,
complain, deny*, insist*, persuade*,
promise*, recommend*, remind*,
suggest*, tell*, threaten, warn*

Verb + to infinitive
Luke threatened to tell them about it.    
agree*, offer, promise, refuse, threaten

Verb + person + (not) to infinitive
We encouraged them to read more.
I reminded him not to forget his homework.    
advise*, ask, encourage, invite,
persuade*, remind*, tell*, warn*

Verb + -ing
Olivia denied sending the email.

admit*, deny*, recommend*, suggest*
Verb + (object) + preposition + -ing
The girls apologised for leaving early.


advise* sb against,
agree* with sb on/about,
apologise for, boast about,
complain* to sb about,
congratulate sb on, insist* on,
warn* sb against

For reported requests and orders we use ask or tell/order (somebody) to do something.
I asked Liam to leave.
The director told the actors to be quiet.


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+ Reporting verbs: 

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