Avner Schmitz Gelber and Felix Berkman


Pedro: Hi Uriel, you know how to play chess?

Uriel: Yes

Pedro: Are you good at playing chess?

Uriel: Yes I am a good player. Do you want to play a game?

Pedro: No, thanks. How long have you been playing?

Uriel: I play 2 years ago, And you? 

Pedro: I play 1 year ago.

Uriel: Did you play soccer last weekend?

Pedro: Yes I play soccer

Uriel: And did you win?

Pedro: Yes i did

Uriel: How much did you win?

Pedro: I winned 6-4 

Uriel: Good 

Pedro: Did you play tennis last month?

Uriel: Yes and did you play tennis last weekend?

 Pedro: Yes

Fecha: 19/4/2021 | Creado por: Avner