Julieta Melina Salomón y Román Gnecchi


Juli: Hi roman, how are you? 

Roman: Hi Juli, i am fine

Juli: What are you doing today? 

Roman:Today i am going to play football, and i going to hospital 

Juli: Oh no! what happened?

Roman: Nothing is only a control

Juli:Oh okay thank goodness. And how is your family?

Roman: My family is very well, my sister  finished school. And your family? 

Juli: Congratulations to your sister. My family is nice.

Roman: Ok.


Juli: What did you do yesterday?  

Roman: Yesterday I played video games, and you?

Juli: I went gymnastics at half past four. 

Roman: That's great. Where do you practice at the gym? 

Juli: I go to “Hacoaj”. Do you play football

Roman: Yes.

Juli: Where? 

Roman:  In”El Andén”.

Juli: Okey roman, i see you tomorrow 

Roman: Bye bye Juli.

Fecha: 19/4/2021 | Creado por: Julieta Melina