Uriel Mizraji y Manuel Gauna Sterin

Dialogue in inglish of Uriel and Manuel

Manuel: - hi uri, how are you? -

Uriel: - hi manu, fine thank you, and you? –

Manuel: - I am happy. Where do you went in the holiday? –

Uriel: - I went to Miami and San Diego -

Manuel: - wow, I went to the house of my grandmother In the holidays -

Uriel: - ok. And what did you do in the house your grandmother? -

Manuel: -  I ran on the garden and ate chicken with potatoes -

Uriel: - wow –

Manuel: - I saw photos of your travel in San Diego, did you went to the “San Diego Comic Con”? -

Uriel: - yes, that place is so cool -

Manuel: - did you saw some famous people there? -

Uriel: - yes, I saw much famous people there. Did you went to the beach in your holidays? -

Manuel: - no, the house of my grandmother is in the mountains. I gotta go to the school, good bye –

Uriel: - bye -


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