Ilan Tauscher, Joaco Kaplan y Francisco Curto


thomas: Hello guys, what are they doing?


Brown: Hi Thomas,I'm doing the homework.


Juan: ¡Hi Thomas! 


Thomas: hi Juan, you are doing the homework?


Juan: Yes, I'm doing the homework but it is soo difficult.


Brown : Did they go to school yesterday?


Thomas: I didn't go to school yesterday because I went to my dad's work.


Juan: I didn't go to the school because the car are broken. 


Juan: Guys do you buy the physical education materials?


Thomas: Yes, I did buy the materials.


Brown: No,I didn't buy the physical education materials.


Brown:Bye ,I go to the park.


Juan: Good bye I need to go to my house.


Thomas: Bye guys, I go to my grandfather's house.

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