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The leg of lamb


Before reading

I think a perfect crime, it’s a crime that the police can't solve. a characteristic of a perfect crime could be a suicide because being able to make the crime scene look like it was a suicide and so they don't involve you, cleaned the clues in the crime scene to prove that you weren’t involucrate on it. I have read stories about crimes, but they aren’t perfect.

While reading

I think she will be caught by the police if they analyze the crime scene carefully.

After reading

Two brothers want to inherit money from his dad because he is a millionaire and if he dies all his money go to those brothers.  One night one of the brothers kills him with poison then after 30 minutes the other brother saw his father on the sofa thinking that he had fallen asleep, so he shot. When the police went to analyze the scene, when he saw the victim who had a gunshot wound he already concluded that he was killed by a gun, quickly looking at the fingerprints the police knew who killed his father with a gun. That means that the brother who killed his father with the poison had committed the perfect crime, and the other brother who had killed his dad with a gun, went to jail.



Television episode

The book starts with Mary Maloney waiting her husband to arrive home from work

The television episode starts with Mary Maloney calling the police with his husband died

In the book, when her husband says that he’s going out, she immediately hits him in the back of the head without saying a word.

in the television program she answers him and then she hits him with the leg of lamb.

In the book, Mrs. Maloney says to the person who worked in the shop that Patrick was tired, so they wouldn’t go to eat out there that Thursday.

In the television, Mrs. Maloney says to the person who worked in the shop that Patrick and she decided to stay at home that Thursday.

It isn’t mention

when the police start to eat the leg of lamb, she starts to knit

Mary says that she doesn’t want to talk with her husband about his work

In the book she starts to ask him about his work.

In the conversation with Mrs. Maloney they tell us what Mr. Maloney


. in the story, they didn’t tell us anything about that so had to imagine and suppose.



Mrs. Maloney killed Patrick with a leg of lamb.

Mary practiced speaking with Sam.                                                                

The police eat the leg of lamb.

Mrs. Maloney is pregnant

Mary cried when she was talking with the policeman.

Mrs. Maloney bought the same things at the shop.

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