1) The only group i know is circus do Soleil.They lots of things such as walking in a ball, walking in a rope,ect.


speaker 1: What she likes is that she can make friends.

speaker 2: What she likes is that she can talk about her problems with the people.

speaker 3: What she likes is that she can meet new people and she can meet them.


a) The phrase means to do something different. For example me that i live on a city and when i go to the fild i escape my bubble.

b) They dance, they do juggle, gimnastic and walking in a rope. No they are very different.

c) One similar activity is for example going to a sport club.

d) They have a couple of weeks.

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    Very Good-!
    "They do lots of things such...on a rope...""... problems with people." "... that I live in a city and when I go to the (field) countryside I escape my bubble" "...they juggle, do gimnastics and walking on ..." "No, they..."