1) Becuase of the temperature, because of reproduction, because they fell in danger and because  of the food.

2) They migrate because of the weather and because the food won´t be able to grow there.


a) No they don´t they live in normal houses.

b) They use reindeer skin to keep hot.

c) They reproduct.

d) Reindeer travel by ships.

e)The decision he has to take is what to do when she become older.

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  • Susana hace aproximadamente un año
    "...they are in danger..." "c) They reproduce." " ...she has to take is what to do when she becomes older."
    3. What do the reindeer do during the summer on the island?
    They eat grass and give birth to calves.
    4. How do the reindeer travel to and back from the island?
    On the way to the island, they go by boat. On the way home, they swim.
    5. According to the video, what decision will Elle have to make about her future?
    She will have to decide whether or not she wants to continue being a traditional Sami herder.