Unit 4_Hw Check + Speculation

Hw_Sudent's Book 54_Listening

Hw_Workbook 41_Alternative Conditional Sentences

Conditional sentences:  Read the notes describing an incident when England played Argentina during the 1998 World Cup. 

In what ways would things have been different? Speculate

  1. Simeone fouled David Beckham so Beckam tried to kick Simeone.
  2.  When Beckham tried to kick Simeone, the referee sent him off.
  3. England had to play with only ten players so they lost the match.
  4. As they lost the match, they were knocked out of the world cup.
  5. Because of this, English supporters booed him for a long time.
  6. Finally, the fans forgave him because he was a good player



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