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Who here has been bullied? Everyone here definitely had experienced being bullied once. Let me ask you another question.

Who here has been a bully? For those bullies out there hiding, you would know what I’ll be talking about. You may not have guessed it but today I will be talking about bullying in the perspective of a bully and why that person decides to be a bully.

Now, in groups of 4 or 5, answer the following questions (upload your answers in an article in the Students' Productions' Service):

1. Why do people bully other people?

2. What was her attitude when she was being bullied?

3. How was she abused?

4. Why didn't she have the courage to ask for help or confront the bullies?

5. How did her parents help her when she was being bullied?

6. What happened in the new school?

7. Why did she become a bully?

8. How did the new principal help her and what where the consequences?

9. Why is this TED TALK important to her?

10.Waht does she hope?

11. What does she believe ?

12. Make a list and explain  the different types of bullying you know about?


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