1) Download the the story and read it while you watch the video. 

2) Discussion

Who do you think the cleverest brother is and why? What other ways to cheat death can you think of?  Write your answers in the comment's box below. 


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  • Julian hace aproximadamente un año
    In my opinion the most clever brother is the ones who could cheat the death.
  • Susana hace aproximadamente un año
    Great answers, Lola and Fancesca!!
    Lola: "---safe for a long time with the invisivility cape until he gave it to someone else... with a ..."
    Francesca: ",,,can prevent Death from following him... protect him as he protected himself.... cheat Death... prevent to die... hurt Death"
    Tomas D: Quite incomplete!
    "Ask for ...invisibilityit can protect you form Death."
  • Susana hace 2 años
    Great comment, Lila!
  • Lila hace 2 años
    I think the cleverest brother is the third, because he didn't think to confront the Death, he only tried to hide himself with the Cloak of invisibility, and it worked very well. The other brothers weren´t humble, like the youngest. He worried about his son, and he gave him the Cloak of invisibility.

    An other form to cheat the Death, I think is to seem like a Death's friend. The Death maybe believes you are a friend or a fan, of him, and he forgives you.
  • Susana hace 2 años
    I agree with you; Tomás,Francesca, Lola, Camila (please write in English!), Maia, Matías and Franco! I also think that the invisibility cloack was the perfect way to cheat on Death and survive. So, the cleverest brother was the youngest one, who was not only worried about himself but mostly about his son's life!!
    And your own ideas about cheating on death are fantastic!!!
  • Franco hace 2 años
    I think the most clever brother is the therd brother because he asked death if he can give him an object that when it covers him anyone could see him. So deaht had to wait many years to found him.
    Another way to cheat death could be a gun that could kill everyone so that he could kill death.
  • Matias hace 2 años
    For me the cleverest brother is who wanted the ivisible cap and lived the time that he need and after that he gived to his son,so he cheated the death.Other way to cheat the death is having some type of shield or invisible posion.
  • Maia hace 2 años
    I think the smartest brother is the youngest because when he saw the monster, he was consistent and asked for the cape, this cape that was that when you put it no one could see you because you were invisibilizing, I think this idea is the smartest because with this you can avoid death and not as his brothers who asked for things that did not prevent them from death , such as the wand or the rock. This idea of the younger brother was also intelligent to protect his son, what he did was to give the son this cape, to protect him, and he cared nothing but the life and protection of his son.

    Another way to cheat death is, for example, that every time you want to take a pill from the immune brandfix (name that I invent), that what every person who takes this pass does cause the plastic layer to come out of your pores that what it does is protect you from any fact that may happen to you and from death , so you're protected all the time and that, it makes you immune.

  • Camila hace 2 años
    En mi opinión el hermano mas inteligente es el que pidió la capa de invisibilidad y pudo ocultarse de la muerte y vivir hasta el tiempo que lo necesitó, y otra manera de burlar a la muerte es tele transportarme así cuando la muerte me encuentra yo poder irme y aparecer en otro lugar y así hasta que me quiera morir y me entregue a la muerte.
  • Lola hace 2 años
    I think the cleverest brother was the third one, becouse he was safe from a long time with the invisivility until he gave it to some one eles.
    I think another way to cheat on Death is whith a protective field or something like that.
  • Francesca hace 2 años

    2- The cleverest brother is the youngest of them, because he asked for a thing that can prevent the follow of the death, he can hide from it. The other brothers asked for things that can’t save your life from the death, like the wand and the stone, they aren’t things that can help you not to die. Then, the youngest brother, gave his son the cloak of invisibility to protect himas he protect himself.

    I think that one other way to cheat the death is to have a secret place/ home to live, so the death won’t find you, but the only way to cheat the death is with something invisible or something similar, because with something that can hurt another person, you can’t prevent die, you can’t hurt the death, he will hurt you.
  • Tomas hace 2 años
    the third brother is the cleverest because he can hide of the death

    ask fpr the power of invencibility and never die