Maia Jalom

  1. She may feel very scared, a bit disappointed, sort of curios and mad.

  2. the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. No, i do not believe in fate

  3. Klara is a religious woman, who is married to a Barman and had three sick children that died. Then, she had another child who was seemed to be healthy called Adolf Hitler.

  4. Klara’s husband is a barman that is always drunk even on the funeral of one of his children. He told his wife that he had good news announcing that he had been given a new post in Braunau and that would be a new start for the family. They left there and had a healthy children.

  5. The children is Adolf Hitler

  6. I do not feel sympathy for her because i know who is Adolf Hitler and what he did. Nevertheless, she did not know that her son will be such one of  the worst person in world’s history, so i understand his desire to want the baby to be born.



She will have a baby.

She was told by the doctor to be relaxed.

A nurse was washing Adolf.

In the last 18 months, none of Klara’s children lived.

She started praying for his son.


The video is called “Genesis and Catastrophe”. The book is called “Birth and Fate”

 The book told us that Klara gave birth to her son in a hospital. The video shows the same woman giving birth in a room.


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