Time to Read!
Read the short story and answer these questions in groups in an article that you are going to create in the Students' Productions' Service (remember to answer them in the body of the article and not as an attachment and to enable the commentaries' section, so that I can correct them there.)
The Way up to Heaven

 A)Before you read.

1) One of the characters in this story is always very worried about 

being late. How is your sense of time? When do/don't you worry 

about being late? 

2) Look up the word butler in your dictionary. What are a butler'main 



B) After you read. 

1) List five ways in which Mr Foster delays his wife on her two 

journeys to the airport. 

2) What do you think Mrs Foster hears as she stands at the front door 

just before leaving for the airport the second time? 

3) Compare the behaviour of Mr and Mrs Foster when they are 

leaving for the airport for the first time.

4) Make a chart to compare the differences between the story and the TV episode. (At least 3 similarities and 3 differences.)


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