If every one of us could make a few little changes in our everyday routines, it would have a huge impact on our environment.

As a part of the Project “our world first” every class in first grade was assigned a different topic related to our environment and how we can take care of it.

After researching about it, it looked obvious that, if every one of us could make a few little changes in our everyday routines, it would have a huge impact on our environment and therefore in our life quality.

But when we went further in the discussion around  what “taking care of the environment” means, students and teacher together started to realized that’s it is so much mora than just closing the tap while you brush your teeth or to make sure all the light are off before you leave the house.

The whole process brought us to the conclusion that, to actually have a lasting result in the future of our mother earth, we, and when we say we, we mean the entire humanity, needs to come together. Yes, of course, singular changes in some peoples life can help a lot; but for our work to have a serious, long lasting effect on our world, we need to come together as people, we need to re-evaluated the ways of our societies, as nations and as earthlings. We need to look deep into our social DNA to be able to realize that some of our customs are actually damaging to the earth and to ourselves.

It is key; if we want to make a real change, to understand that life is interdependent, that there is no way to save humanity without saving every animal, every plant, ever water source and every tree. It crucial we understand that as long as logics such as competition, merit and success continue to work no real change will be seen. It is only by changing competition for cooperation, merit for collective work and success for mutual growth that we are going to be able to open de door for a different future.

It is by reflecting on our actions, our thoughts, our way of relating to each other and directing our decisions based on these ideas that we can create a better world.

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