“How many of you have mastered the skill of reading people’s minds?” 

“What can sometimes make communicating about sex difficult?” 

 HOW we express ourselves is just as important as WHAT we are trying to communicate.

“We can communicate aggressively, passively, or assertively.”

“Aggressive”, “Passive” and “Assertive”

“Being AGGRESSIVE is when someone tries to get what they want by bullying the other person into it.

Being PASSIVE is when a person is timid or unclear in expressing their needs – or when they won’t speak up about what THEY want, but just go along with what the other person wants.

Being ASSERTIVE is when we say what we want or mean without being hurtful to the other person.”

“What if someone asked you out and you weren’t interested in that person. If you were PASSIVE, how might you react?” 

“How would you respond to the same question if you were AGGRESSIVE?” 

 “How would you respond to the same question if you were ASSERTIVE?”

 Each group will be given a sheet that has a statement made by a person to their boyfriend or girlfriend that has something to do with sex or sexuality. This person’s name is ‘Partner A.’ You are ‘Partner B.’ Your job is to respond to Partner A in an ASSERTIVE (not aggressive, not passive) way. Partner B wants to stay in the relationship with Partner A. When you get your sheets, talk among yourselves about what an effective, assertive response to the line would be that refuses the behavior. Once you have figured that line out, write it on the second line, marked Partner B. You only have about two minutes, so you need to work quickly. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE ON TO THE OTHER LINES!!

Please keep in mind that this activity needs to follow school rules – no violent dialogue, nothing inappropriate.” 


• Being in a relationship does not mean that a person has to give up who they are and their own needs. 
• In a healthy relationship, both people should be able to express themselves openly, and be able to listen to, appreciate, and accept the other person’s needs.  
• Compromise is a part of every relationship. This means that you give in sometimes, and the other person gives in at other times. But if one person is giving in more often than the other, it is an unequal, unhealthy relationship. 
• It is important to stick to what you believe in and the decisions you make, even if they’re different from what people around you are saying. 
• No one should do anything sexual in a relationship that they do not feel 100%  ready to do. 

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