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Gerund Examples

Gerunds can appear at the beginning of a sentence when used as a subject:

  1. Jogging is a hobby of mine.

Gerunds can act as an object following the verb:

  1. Daniel quit smoking a year ago.


Present participle clauses

A present participle clause can express:

  • an action that happens at the same time as the action in the main clause:

    Tom lost his keys (while) walking through the park. (Tom lost his keys while he was walking through the park.)
    She left the room singing happily. (She left the room as she was singing happily.)

    The participle clause can come first in literary styles:

    (While) walking through the park, Tom lost his keys.

  • Before Opening the envelop happilye, I found two concert tickets. (I opened the envelope and I found two concert tickets.)

    After finishing my work of art, I relax

    When painting on canvas, I use ink or spray paint



  • Follow these links and do the exercises:

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