David Pomeraniec, Mathias Custeau, Facundo Demaría y Nazareno Barrenyo


1. What happens at the beggining of the movie? What test does Beatrice have? For what reason?

2. What is a "divergent"?

3. Describe in detail the different factions.

4. Which are the initiation tests in Tris´s faction?

5. What does Tris learn about her society? what does she plan to do about it?

6. What happens at the end of the movie? Explain.

7. How do you think the movie will continue. Give you own predictions.


  1. At the beginning of the movie everybody has to pick a faction, and in order to do that, they have to go through a test that helps them to pick what they really are. It’s a personality test, so it has parts of the five factions, and they tell you which should be the best faction for you.


  1. A divergent is a person who doesn’t fit in any group because it is like a mix of all factions. The Erudite factions consider it something dangerous for the society.


  1. Dauntless: this faction is for the people which is brave, strong and fearless and they take care of the people safety, that’s why they’re policemans. The objective of this faction is to eliminate fear and cowardice from the society. In order to be part of the group you have to pass different tests, which are usually scary, hard or challenging things. The members of this faction generally wear provocative or black leather clothing, piercings, tattoos and they are usually seen free running through the ruins of chicago. They are neutral with most factions, allies with Erudite (so enemies with Abnegation)


Candor: this faction is for the honest people, they are known for always telling the truth. They have a truth serum, so they can interrogate everybody they want, but they can read body language in order to detect lies. This people is trustworthy. they are rivals with amity.


Abnegation: this is the selfless faction, they forget about themselves for the sake of others, even the factionless. The people in this group are public servants and are trusted to run the government. The clothing in this faction is all grey and simple and the only adornment allowed is a watch. They are rivals with Erudite.


Erudite: this faction values intelligence, curiosity, knowledge and astuteness. They blame ignorance for the war. Most members wear glasses even if their sight is perfect, and everybody has to wear at least one piece of blue clothing. Rivals with Abnegation


Amity: this faction is the one that farms for all the factions. They're dedicated to peacefulness, kindness, forgiveness and neutrality. Amity People love music and art, and wear comfortable red and yellow clothes. Rivals with Candor.


  1. In Dauntless faction there are 3 stages of initiation tests. The first one is relationated to physical that is being able to pass two rounds of fighting. In those fights you have to beat battle the opponent as far as they can endure. Second stage is that you have to seat in a chair, there they inject you something to help you in your dreams. When you are sleeping there is someone who can see what are you dreaming about and discover your fears. The third and last stage it’s the same as the second stage but in this one you have to beat your fears. It’s the same chair, the same injection but in this case all Dauntless are able to see what are you dreaming about.


  1. Tris learns that the erudite faction was trying to hypnotize all dauntless members, so that they could send them to kill the abnegation faction, those who put first the needs of others above the needs of oneselves.

Tris plans to make a surprise attack so that she can stop erudite's plans. (She has an opportunity because as she is a divergent their hypnotize tactics doesn't work in her).


  1. At the end of the movie tris, with hard work, saves all the dauntless members from hypnotizing and saves abnegation faction. With that done tris escapes in a moving train with four, tris's brother and the mayor.


  1. Our predictions are that after they escape in the train they will disappear a while, and then look for the Amity faction in order to make a plan against Erudite (because nobody will put them in jail in Amity faction). 

We also think that Tris could leave everybody behind because she could think that she could make do by herself.

We think as a possibility like tris and four creates their new faction of divergents and they will challenge all other factions for the title of “the best faction”. (we think this as a possibility because it could happen that tris becomes really confident of herself because she is a divergent)

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