Paloma Triviño, Ivan Rey, Sebastian Dawidowitcz y Mora Taborda Ojea


1) At the beginning of the movie Beatriz(the narrator) explains how the society works and how its divided. Every person in thirounds society belongs to a faction. Beatriz needs to try the test to know in which faction she belongs. ​​​​​​​

2) A divergent it is a person who doesn't belong to any faction of this society, and this person has also all the caracteristics of all the five factions

3) There are five factions, Dauntless; the brave ones, Abnegation; the selfless ones, Amity; the peaceful ones, Candor; the honest ones and Erudite; the intellectual ones.


  • Erudite: Are the people who love the knowledge and the logics. They know all.

  • Dauntless: They are the guardians of the city, you have to be brave and reckless to be in this faction.

  • Amity: They are who work the ground and they are always in peace and harmony.

  • Candor: They love the truth, the people of this faction always say it. Even though when It does not suit them.

  • Abnegation: These are the people who help others regardless of their situation.

4) In the film, Trist has differents tests during the time in her faction. First, after she had chosen her faction, she had to jump into a train that was moving. Then, she had to jump to the void. after that, she had to fight with differents members of her faction because she had a low score but then she rise it. Tris was defeated on the nursery, when she realised that she will miss the most important test, Capture The Flag, and she didn't want to, so she went anyways and got the victory. Then, the last phase, the initiates had to pass a psychological test, where they had to face their worst fears, but it was hard to Tris, because the divergents could pass them easily, so they would know that she was a divergent, that´s why Four helped her to learn how to pass that test like a ordinary person.

5) She learns that her society is ruthless with their habitants and that they treat divergents aggressively. She tries to go to the erudite centre to talk with her brother to change the way that test of dauntless are taken.

6) She escapes the society with a group(including four) and stops an annihilation from the líder, Jeanin, of abnegation members.

7) I think that Beatriz and Four will find more like them(divergents) and they will start a revolution overthrowing the government, and at the end the peace will reign. They will also expand the borderline and reach new people.

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