Theatre is one of the higher cultural activities that mark us as creative, imaginative and truly human. Watching it engages the students on many different levels, visual, auditory, intellectual, mental and emotional. It presents various elements that are enjoyable for all students, regardless of the age group.

Galileo is a young and determined professor whose whole world revolves around his scientific studies. One day, Galileo makes a discovery that could change the course of history forever. For hundreds of years humans have believed that the planets revolve around the earth. However, Galileo believes that the Sun is the center of the solar system instead. When the head of the university hears of Galileo’s theory, outrage spreads. Angry that someone would go against what has been known to be true for hundreds of years, the university fires Galileo and he is forced to leave his country. Believing that Galileo is right, his trusty assistant follows him on his path to find the truth. Together, with the assistant’s zany cousin, the three of them embark on a journey of adventure and discovery. Will the power of truth and friendship win, or will Galileo be silenced forever?

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