Let's read!

Read the story and do the exercises.

Then watch the video and compare it to the book.


Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat 

1) Before you read 

A) Find these words in your dictionary: 

Colonel                        mink                               pawnbroker 

B) What kind of people is a Colonel in charge of? 

C) What kinds of thing can be made from mink? 

D) Do shops like a pawnbroker's exist in your country? How do 

people use them? 


B) After you read 

1)Who is speaking to whom and about what? Which statements are true? 

a) 'I've got to have this coat! I've got to have this coat!' 

b) 'I only want to borrow enough on it to help me until Monday.' 

c) 'I think you ought to put a description.' 

d) 'I stayed on in the office and did some work.' 

e) 'I'd much rather it was for you than for me.' 

f)'Why, yes ... I... I ... think it's ... it's lovely .. .really lovely.' 

2) Do you think there is a moral in this story? If so, what is it? 

3) Imagine you are Mrs Bixby. What will you do next?

Make a chart with the differences ans similarities between the story and the television episode of it.








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