1. We very seldom buy blueberries anymore.                EVER

We ______________________________________________ blueberries anymore.

      2. I spent hours writing this review! TAKEN

             It ________________________________________________ to write this review.

3.    I really want to see the band live on stage next Friday.                LOOKING

I _____________________________________ the band live on stage next Friday.

4.    Driving this new car still isn’t easy for me.                        GET

      I can’t ______________________________________ this new car

       5. Teenagers usually go to bed late on holiday . TO

              Teenagers _________________________________________late on holiday

       6.-.- Did your brother always get into trouble at school? TO

               Did _____________________________ trouble at school

      7.- Mum threw away an old dress that I liked. RID

            Mum__________________________an old dress that I liked

       8.- My brother never asks me when he borrows my school things   ALWAYS

            He is _________________________________asking

      9.- I still find it difficult to drive in this big city.  USED

            I still haven´t _________________________________________ in this big city

      10.- It is unusual for John to drink strong coffee.  USUALLY

           John ___________________________________ strong coffee

      11.- My sister enjoys being alone at home. HER

             My sister enjoys _____________________________

      12.- My friend studies for long hours before exams. FOR

              My friend studies ______________________________________


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